Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tomica Nissan Skyline C110 Patrol Car(2000GT/Kenmeri)

tomica skyline c110 patrol car kenmeri

I'm not sure of the story behind this release.  It seems to be some sort of exclusive model?  After searching for long time, I finally saw one come up on eBay for $52(shipped).  It is a thing of beauty, worth every penny if you get one in a sharp box(more on this later).  

Hot Wheels recently released Japanese police livery Kenmeri, but it has nothing on this Tomica, at least in my opinion.  This Kenmeri has that sad sad Tomica mainline wheels, but other than that, it's perfect.  Vintage Tomica goodness.  *wipes drool*

tomica skyline c110 police car kenmeri

hot wheels skyline police car kenmeri

tomica skyline c110 patrol car

hot wheels japan historics

hot wheels japan historics skyline police

tomica skyline c110 patrol car

tomica skyline c110 patrol car kenmeri

tomica skyline   police car kenmeri

tomica skyline c110 patrol car kenmeri

tomica skyline c110 patrol car kenmeri

On the door is "Kanagawa Prefecture" Police, which happens to be where I'm from(Tsunashima, Yokohama to be exact).  That's just too awesome.  lol

Unfortunately, I may not be able keep this car.  eBay seller mailed this car from Japan in an envelope, and it's looking like the seller will attempt to put this on postal service(for insurance money).  You mail this from overseas in an envelope, but you will hold postal service accountable?  Sounds legit.

  Personally, I'm in disbelief how often these things happen.  Sellers happily accept collector money, then treat it/mail it like it's worth 25 cents.  Any online seller reading this, please remember to mail collectibles well protected, and please handle with care!

Now for the bonus round:

- Kenmeri -

It's not unusual for notable cars to have nicknames in Japan.  Perhaps the most famous JDM nickname in the States is "Hachiroku", or "Eight-Six".  At least that one was just numbers.  Simple.  

Kenmeri, I remember this name from my boyhood in Japan, yet, it wasn't until fairly recently I learned how this nickname came about.  It was short for "Ken & Mary", a fictional couple who starred in Skyline TV commercial campaign.  

I recommend this wonderful article featuring Diane Krey-Wesley(Mary), and her look back during the modeling days & shooting the commercials.  

End bonus.  Thank you for reading!  :)

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