Thursday, March 31, 2016

四月馬鹿: Desert Island Cars Vol. 69: a6m5's Top Ten **April Fools Edition!!!**

無人島 cd ミニカー

a6m5 - USA

hot wheels pizza vette
 Hot Wheels Pizza Vette

I like lot of things.  Very rarely though I get to experience the fusion of so many things I love in life, like:  Pizza/Corvette/Hot Wheels.  This casting should be called "Heaven", or "Perfection", not Pizza Vette.  It's more than that.

Hot Wheels Road Rocket

On the basketball court, I used to pretend that I was Michael Jordan.  No, I wasn't dunking from the free throw line, I just took all the shots(I was my go-to-guy).  Anyway, now that I'm old, closest thing to sports I experience is morning commute where I pretend that I'm Ricky Bobby from the motion picture "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby".  Look at this car.  Read its name.  It screams "I wanna go fast".

 hot wheels chevy citation
Hot Wheels Chevy Citation

Back in the 80's, evil corporations like Honda & Toyota would bribe car magazines like Road & Track, Car & Driver to make Civics & Camrys look good while putting down much superior cars like Chevy Celebrity, Mercury Topaz & yes, you guessed it, Chevrolet Citation.  Thank god Mattel could see through the corruption & pushed the release of the Citation ahead of the likes of inferior imports like RX-7 or BMW 3-Series.  Citation so much gooder.

johnny lightning mysterion
Johnny Lightning Mysterion

No naming ever truer.  WTF is this?  It's a Mystery... on.

Hot Wheels Turismo

One thing we've discovered through the "Desert Island" series:  It's not always about the best looking casting, or the most valuable.  Sometimes, nostalgia can score 100 points.  That's where this car comes in for me.  While I never customized, or painted toy cars when I was two, if I had, this is the exact combination of colors I would have picked.

Hot Wheels Arachnid

I love this casting, no it's not a custom.  I was fixing sandwich in the kitchen when I caught this hot wheel car from the corner of my eye.  I f*#ing killed it.  I'm sorry my favorite toy car, I honor your sacrifice with a spot on my Desert Island car list.  RIP, spider car.

Hot Wheels GMC Motorhome

Please, hold on.  Please.  Before you head off to eBay looking for this RV, you need to know that this is a custom hot wheel made by me, a6m5.  What?  No, I wasn't riding on the back of a dune buggy when I painted it.  I don't own any paint brushes, so I used the next closest thing I had in my arsenal:  Electric Toothbrush.  Yes, I should have turned it off first.  I know that now.

Hot Wheels Ratmobile

It's little embarrasing, but I'm not gonna lie, I am a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse.  Imagine my shock when I saw this casting for the first time at 7:45pm, November 15th, 2013 in aisle six of Woodburn Walmart Super Center.  Clearly, it's a exact replica of Mickey.  To quote myself from that fateful evening: "I finally meet you Mickey, I love your movies!!"  Yes, it was so realistic, I was fooled to think that I had finally met my super icon Mickey Mouse. 

Also, my favorite curse phrase happens to be "You rat mother #$^@#%", so it's pretty much meant to be.  

Hot Wheels Hot Seat

When I drive, sometimes it's fast, sometimes slow.  *fart*  Sometimes, the drive is smooth..... or it can be rough.  Kinda like on the toilet seat.  *grabs toilet paper*  This car was inspired by life.  Life itself.  *flushes*

Jada Scion xB

I have a soft spot for Scion xB, and many of my friends know this, including online hot wheel/minicar collector friends.  I have many Scion xB/Toyota bB casting, but what's so special about this one?  Well, you'd be blind not to see the realistic driver figure in the driver seat of this casting.  I've always said that only one thing better than cancer cure, or world peace is a red car with blue wheels & white tires.  On like Donkey Kong.  Mission accomplished.

Minicar Pics 1/64:  Clearly, this was an April Fools list.  For the real Desert Island lists, please click on the link below.  :D



  1. Hahaha, nice April Fools list, man, only exceptions cars!
    And that Jada Scion xB... WOOOWW!!!
    x) Hahaha!!!

    1. I'm glad you got a kick out of it. Thank you!

      I really do like Scion xB in real life though. I was actually pretty close to buying one one time. This is no April Fools joke. :D

  2. "Also, my favorite curse phrase happens to be "You rat mother #$^@#%"? a6, what a foul mouth! Where's the swear jar when you need it?

    Also, the resemblance is real with that Jada, just like a real xB! Perfect design, but it's not as great as the HW hot rod toilet, that is pure perfection. And if you don't agree, then may a rain of brown fall upon you! (laughs)

    I do have to question the choice of words in "Citation so much gooder" though, that's pure Engrish, no? xD

    1. I do have nasty mouth. When I was younger, you put me in a basketball game, or Call of Duty team deathmatch, every other word were bad words not counting f-bombs. :dopey:

      "Much gooder" is not really Engrish. I do believe it's exclusive to USA, but only when trying to get a point across. It's used for effect. :p

    2. Haha, fair enough, it seems that all the 'Murica speak has gotten to you somewhat. :p

      Hmm, perhaps you're right, I was probably overreacting to that one. My inner grammar police was acting up, if you will...

    3. I knew you'd understand. You are the bestest.