Friday, April 1, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage - WTF-01a Red Hand Truck

Tomica Limited Vintage   Hand Truck

After you see the three 360's by TLV, you think you've seen their tiniest releases.  By "three" 360's, I of course mean the Suzuki, Subaru & Mazda.   Actually, there might be more release with "360" in the name, I dunno.  lol

Anyway, this "truck" by TLV ranks in the class of its own.  No other TLV(or any Tomica for that matter) comes close when we are talking about its compact size, or the turning radius.  Pics:

Tomica Limited Vintage   Hand Truck

Tomica Limited Vintage   dollie

Tomica Limited Vintage   Hand Truck dollie

TLV actually provides the parking garage in the set.  How cool is that?

Tomica Limited Vintage   cola coke crate bottles

More on the parking garage here.  They are not cheap, but Japan Booster generally have this truck in stock in one form or another.  I highly recommend this release.  It could have used little metallic flakes in the paint, but that's for another time.  XD

P.S.  This has been an April Fools post.  ;)

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