Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-26b Subaru 360 Custom + LV-27a Sambar Light Van

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-26b Subaru 360 Custom  LV-27a Sambar Light Van

Couple of super tiny Subarus.  Unfortunately, prices are anything but tiny.  :(

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-26b Subaru 360 Custom

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-26b Subaru 360 Custom

tlv LV-26b Subaru 360 Custom

Tomica Limited Vintage tLV-26b Subaru 360 Custom


tlv Subaru 360

 LV-26b Subaru

LV-27a Sambar  van

LV-27a Sambar Light Van tomica limited vintage


tlv sambar van

tlv subaru van tomica limited vintage

tlv lv-27a


How cool is this van!


tlv-26b subaru greenlight copo chevelle 1/64


  1. Can you really be sad at the not-really-tiny prices when you get cars this cute? I mean seriously, they are about as big as my pinky, but they have massive amounts of charisma. The only thing that ":D" Samba van is lacking is a proper livery of some sorts, because the detailing looks mighty fine... And the Custom looks lovely in that light blue.

    1. They do pack amazing about of detailing in such tiny packages. I just checked & 360 was actually $18.49(shipped), so it wasn't as bad as I thought. Sambar was $24.49 in blemished box. Of course, Japan Boosters' definition of "damaged box" is average shape used boxes to most collectors. Once again, very satisfied with their delivery. :)

    2. As expected from Japan Booster, top-notch quality delivery. I can't even tell that the Sambar's box is damaged, it just looks like your classic "opened once" box and not much more than that. Still, 24 bucks for the car with "damaged box"... Vintage cuteness does not go for cheap in TLV's world, haha!

    3. Afraid you are right. Only brand I collect where $10 is a great deal. Still, I can't argue the quality.

    4. Quite, you know what you are paying for with most TLV castings. Bar the odd Corolla, most cars are beautifully detailed for cars which are made in Hot Wheels size. For someone who never saw miniatures like TLVs before, I still have my jaw drop whenever I see on in photos... They ooze personality and have a wide range of oddball models, what more can you ask out of Tomica?

    5. I would recommend Suzuki Fronte, Hugo. It can still be had for cheap(around $10 + ship), it is tiny, but with tons of detailing & super clean execution. One of the cheapest, but also one of my favorite TLVs.

    6. I've often thought about the Fronte, actually... But still, I still need to find the right timing to buy it without having to go through too many hurdles. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind, don't worry. If anything, it represents one of my best chances of buying a TLV for cheap...