Friday, January 1, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

tomica limited vintage nissan concept vision gran turismo

This one is different.  Many TLV fans & Gran Turismo fans were excited about this model.  I was not one of them.  I did think that it was interesting, but to be honest, as far as the December releases go, I was WAY more excited about the Audi Polizei model.  

I still remember my first reaction to the 2020 VGT:  Weird & futuristic Nissan GT-R(Skyline).  

I still think that way in a sense that just like with the debut of Nissan GT-R(R35), I'm "not sure" about the design.  In fact, starting now, I am referring to this car as the GT "Rated" R.

Skip to 1:09, and if you haven't seen this movie, you needed to see it like almost twenty years ago(how old am I? Jesus...).

I'm sorry, I'm trying to say that with both the R35 & Vision GT, it wasn't instant "I LOVE THIS CAR!!!".  It was a cautious, or deliberate approach.  I don't want to give 2020 VGT too much credit, but like with artwork, more I look at it, more interesting it gets.  More so than with the real life car R35 GT-R, as this design is way more complex.  Sorry, too much talking:

tlv vgt

tomica limited vintage 2020 vgt

tlv vgt 2020

tomica limited vintage gran turismo

tomica limited vintage 2020 vision grant turismo gt

tomica limited vintage vgt 2020 nissan concept

tlv vision gt 2020

tomica limited vintage

tomica limited vintage gran turismo vision

I'm going to quote John from the #1 minicar blog on the planet Lamley:  "As always, TLV wins.  Best 1:64 carmaker with no one even close..."  A bold statement, and I do wonder if he was 100% serious, but after checking this car out myself, I have to agree.  From the curves to the tiny Nissan emblems, cleanly detailed brake rotors, etc., it is very impressive in 1/64 scale.  I am super glad to have this car in my collection.  Big shift from the time I preordered one months ago!


  1. Well, I never saw that movie you mentioned, you are indeed making yourself older by talking about it. (laughs) But it's ok that you talked more about the car, cool stories are cool stories regardless of them being in the car's way or not, haha.
    But TLV's effort with the 2020 VGT... It's simply incredible; the Nissan may not be the prettiest of VGT designs (better examples would include the Aston Martin DP-100 and the Alpine VGT) nor is it the most unique (an award which is easily given to the Chaparral 2X, a car which I would love to see in scale model form one day), but what Tomica did with it at such a small scale deserves a commendation from the Japanese royal family. Variety in colors, a cheaper price than its larger counterparts (the 1:43 models of Kyosho and Modeller's) and a quality feel that destroys most futuristic Hot Wheels cars. And with the new 2016 colors, including that brilliant purple, Tomica will ensure that the car's value remains strong throughout.
    It may be just a hyper-futuristic GT-R R36 in drag, but the way it's done eclipses everything else. TLV didn't just win, they tore the house down!

    Also, what is that tiny piece that comes with the car and box, the one in plastic wraps? Are those the car's mirrors?

  2. Yes, mirrors. If you look for it, you can see tiny holes for them in each door.

    You were considering the purple Nissan VGT by TLV before. That one should be really interesting. It's a slick casting in red, but I can't even imagine how it would come out in purple.

    1. Huh, I see... So it's the same thing that most TLV models which feature mirrors have; separate pieces to be inserted in the car's actual body after purchase. Thanks for clarifying, much appreciated.

      Well, with the remaining VGT scale models being too expensive (mainly Modeller's) and me already having Norev's 1:43 Alpine model (although the future blue/orange version which takes after the color scheme featured in the Race Mode version does look quite pretty), the 2020 is next in my list. And since it features a purple body, something that neither Kyosho or Modeller's models feature, that car has all the potential of being an incredible 1:64 model. In red it already looks slick, but in a metallic purple... well, that prospect is too mouth-watering to be ignored. Now, if only I can muster up the courage to take the plunge and actually buy it...

    2. I hope they didn't put those metallic flakes in the purple paint. They are nasty!(see gray TLV Nissan GT-Rs).

      On the side mirrors, most TLVs do not come with them, though their larger castings(buses,trucks) often do. Hope this helps.

    3. Oh, those are bad? Well then, it's best for Tomica to keep them away from the purple paint... A bad paint finish can really hurt a car, especially in such a bright color.

      Hmm, fair enough, thanks for the tip. I have seen several TLV cars which featured hood mirrors in their box illustrations, but not in the actual models themselves. So I was curious as to why such happened, and it seems that it was Tomica's decision to limit them to special cars and trucks...

    4. It would be so cool, if the vehicles came with the mirrors attached. Considering the price tag, it wouldn't be an unreasonable request.

      I'm sorry to say,but I am damn near a hater of their metallic paint. I have lot on the wishlist when it comes to TLVs, but better looking metallic paint gotta be on top of that list.

    5. Looks like it will feature metallic flakes in the paint:

      They don't seem too noticeable though. As long as one don't go in for close shots(like in this blog), to the naked eye or non-macro shots, it should be fine.

    6. Yes, I do agree with that, especially in the case of cars such as the Nissan iDX; their pricetag is a little too steep to justify separate pieces... Then again, it does prevent them from being broken during shipping and such, so there is that plus to consider.

      And the purple car will feature metallic flakes... Well, as you've said, for those who just want to show off their car, it won't be a huge deal. And with this casting quality, how in the heck can someone nitpick at the metallic finish?

    7. On the paint job, it is borderline deal breaker for someone like me. Here's a link to the Nissan GT-R I mentioned earlier. I can't stand the paint job:

    8. I guess you find the metal flakes a little too exaggerated by Tomica in the metallic finish... Well, it's a valid point, but for now it doesn't seem that Tomica will hold back on that detail. So we have to withstand that issue until Tomica either drops it altogether or minimizes the effect...

    9. I may have to repaint some of these castings.

      I'm kidding. lol

    10. Are you really sure that you could make a better job with paint than Tomica? Are you really? Haha.

    11. If it sounds delusional, that's because it is. lol But if small detailing wasn't an issue, I bet something like tamiya paint system would actually look nicer, at least for macro shots.

    12. Oops, it seems that you have double posted there, beware of that.

      As for the rest, since I have built a Tamiya kit, I cannot say much about their method of paint. But they may very well be betteer than Tomica in that aspect...

    13. It double posts sometimes when I'm posting from my phone. Weird glitch.

      As for Tamiya paint, I haven't handled one since I was a kid(12?), so I can't say for certain either. lol From what I hear though, they are supposedly top quality in the modelling world.

    14. Huh, I see, fair enough.

      Well, I'll take your word for it, since I have next to no experience with Tamiya models. Kit cars are not my cup of tea...

  3. Hahahaha!
    True for the Audi Polizei (and don't forget the BMW 325i Fukushima Prefecture Patrol Car, just got it)!

    I never seen Swingers but I'm going to correct this omission. And you're in the prime of age pal :D
    I like your reference to the movie and actually, I didn't recognized Jon Favreau!!

    Amiami preorder forever! I just received the red and gray 2020 VGT... I'm a victim of TLV marketing!

    But by luck what I read is like music in my ears ;)

    Happy new year buddies!!!

    1. Happy new years to you, Bertrand. Thanks!

      Yes,I got the Fukushima bimmer with the Audi as well. Looking forward to opening that one(I've had it for few days now lol).

      P.S. I do recommend the "Swingers". Relatively unknown people at the time involved in that film went on to do some great things. For Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn & the director Doug Liman, I personally think that film was their best work. My favorite actor in it was Ron Livingston, who became famous in Band of Brothers & Office Space later on. I hope you enjoy the movie. :)