Saturday, January 2, 2016

Choro-Q Q-13 Toyota Land Crusier 70

choro-q toyota land cruiser 70

Fellow collector Jarrod ordered the Land Cruiser 70 first.  I wasn't that big on it initially, but for less than $5, I decided to add it to my order as well.  He got his monthly order from amiami before me(he always does), and he was very pleased with this one.  

choro-q toyota land cruiser 70 q-13

choro-q toyota land cruiser 70

Well, I can certainly see why Jarrod likes this little Choro-Q.  It is well detailed for Non-Zero/basic model, and it has this cute stance & compact look to it.  I have few Choro-Q, none of them look like this.  LOVE the spare tire in the back doubling as the penny/10-yen coin bracket.  Score!  :D


  1. Told you that one was neat! Personally out of all the Choro-Q's I have. (a massive three of them lol) This one is has to be my favourite. :)

    1. With the Miata, Land Cruiser & that ZERO NGK VW bus, I officially ran out of room in the tin box I kept all my Choro-Q + GL Car Town cars in. I'm gonna guess I have maybe 20~30 cars.

      Like I said in the post, none of them look like this Land Cruiser. Very unique little car. :)