Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO: LV-N113a BMW 325i 2-Door Patrol Car(Fukushima Prefecture Police Car)

LV-N113a BMW 325i tomica limited vintage
Included are two red lamps you attach in front of the grille.

Both my parents are originally from Fukushima, so while I'm not the biggest fan of TLV BMW casting, "Fukushima Police" thing swayed me to order this casting.  I am glad, as this is a pretty nice looking patrol car(Japanese term for police cars).  

LV-N113a BMW 325i tomica limited vintage fukushima

LV-N113a BMW 325i   fukushima tlv police

LV-N113a BMW 325i tomica limited vintage fukushima police

LV-N113a BMW tlv police

bmw japanese police car tomica limited vintage

LV-N113a BMW 325i tomica limited vintage japanese police

In the last photo(front/rear), it looks like the car's been totaled before.  lol


  1. So your parents are from Fukushima? It must be rather nice picking up a patrol car from their area then, since they were part of your early childhood... And the Beemer is nice, although the Audi 80 Polizei car does trash it in terms of quality.

    And if people don't know the meaning of the symbol in the grille, then they may think the car was totalled, haha!

    1. Japanese police emblem do seem out of place on a BMW grille. Excellent point. lol

    2. Haha, thanks, I suppose. But yes, it is not normal to see a BMW playing the role of Japanese patrol car, and I bet many will think it's a blatant lie that a 3-Series could look like that...

    3. Yeah, these "patrol cars" are always domestic models. If you ever see a BMW police car in Japan, it's just about guaranteed that it's a PR vehicle for the police, or it was donated to the police(dealer/manufacturer PR).

    4. So you can find gaijin patrol cars in Japan? Interesting, even if they are not more than PR cars...

    5. I would guess they are really rare though. P.S. Are they still gaijin when their registration would be in Japanese? You don't have to answer that. lol

    6. Well, the good news is that Tomica used the Fukushima color scheme for a BMW casting. It would look cooler in the Audi, but hey, at least it's here and it's here to stay.

      And ok, I won't answer that question, haha.

    7. lol

      I'm not familiar with it, but Fukushima Bimmer is probably based on a existing car. TLV cars are almost always based on a real life vehicle.

    8. Haha.

      So it may be an actual real model? Well, that's certainly interesting... I have never heard of a Japanese BMW 3-Series patrol car before, I know that much.

    9. Like I said, it would be a PR vehicle, either for the police, or donated by a BMW Dealer. Not your everyday police car. Kind of a pointless vehicle in my book, but it does make for an amusing minicar. :D