Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Car-Nel: Very Rarely Represented Lexus + One Odd Duck

car-nel 1/64 subaru

This link covers all Car-Nel on amiami, but just the first four are the new 1/64 scale cars of theirs(as of June, 2018).  Car in above pic is the one that grabs my attention, but the Subaru preorder is currently sold out.  Oh, well.  Even if I still actively collected minicars, I think I'd be on the fence with Car-Nels anyway due to my previous impression of their cars.  They were Kyosho based cars(these new ones probably are, too).

Still, this Subie looks clean & face it; Detailed Lexus in 1/64 scale are hard to find.  Pics from amiami website:

car-nel 1/64 lexus
Lexus LC500h

car-nel 1/64 lexus lc500h

car-nel 1/64 lfa
2010 Lexus LFA

car-nel 1/64 lexus lfa

car-nel 1/64 nuburgring lfa
Lexus LFA Nurburgring

car-nel 1/64 lexus kyosho

car-nel 1/64 subaru 22b impreza
Subaru Impreza 22B STI

car-nel 1/64 subaru sti impreza

For $23-ish(before shipping), it's not cheap, but it's not crazy expensive.  Again, amiami preorder page is here.  Approach with caution I'd say.  :p

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