Saturday, June 23, 2018

Neo Scale Models 1/64 - Diamond Reo Raider 1974 Metallic Light Blue/ダイアモンド レオ Raider 1974 メタリックライトブルー

My buddy Jarrod gives me link to amiami for some 1/43 scale Suzuki he saw & had him almost excited.......(always thought maybe he was kidding about the Suzuki infatuation, but maybe not lol)  
I go browsing on there to see if they had anything new, and that, they did:

Neo Scale Models  Diamond Reo Raider 1974 Metallic Light Blue 1/64

It didn't look very impressive, but 1/64 big rigs always interested me, so I figured it was Tonkin, First Gear, one of the brands you sometimes come across on American online stores, but no sir.  It was a brand called Neo.  I didn't know if they were Japanese, American, or ???

Are they worth the super high price?  It's a different truck, but here's one I found with free shipping to lower U.S. for $110.

neo 1/64

neo 1/64

neo 1/64 diecast

ネオ 1/64

I wasn't sure of their quality in detail from the notoriously tiny amiami photos, but here, you can see they are definitely high quality.  Only "big rigs" I really collect are TLVs.  Not tractor trailers, but I also have handful of GreenLight trucks.  If I was a collector of big rigs in 1/64 scale, I'd definitely consider checking out Neos.

ネオ neo 1/64 diecast

Took me few tries, but I found their website & they are German!  Check out their limited line of 1/64 stuff.  If I was still expanding my collection, I'd have ordered that Lincoln Mark V.  Looks so good.


  1. Congratulations for your blog. Is totally awesome. If you like high precision die-cast 1/64 trucks check out this brands. Die cast promotions, first gear, speccast. They have awesome models and all of them are accurate 1/64 size.

    1. Accurate scaling is HUGE in my book. Thank you for commenting!!