Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hot Wheels Club/RLC Datsun 240Z

hot wheels rlc datsun 240z

Many collectors know, there is no end to mishaps & glitches associated with the operation of RLC(Red Line Club).  Stuff just gets messed up left & right, and no website I've ever seen in all of the cyberspace experiences as many glitches & deadends as their website.  The club actually got me to decide to pull out of the hobby, so enough said. lol

With this red "Z" however, there was even more drama: Before this car went on sale on RLC, Mattel sold many of them to their vendors in error!  Lots of them ended up on eBay, while rest were recalled back to Mattel/RLC, months later, for the sale.  You can't make this stuff up!  Anywho, I had the chance to look at these cars yesterday, so here are few pics:

hot wheels rlc datsun 240z red

hot wheels club red rlc datsun 240z

hot wheels rlc datsun 240z  red

hot wheels rlc datsun 240z 2018

hot wheels red line club datsun 240z

That's it.  Sorry for the bad lighting!  :p

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