Sunday, June 3, 2018

INNO Models 1/64 Honda Civic

inno 1/64 honda civic ef9

Another one incoming:  INNO Models(INNO website / Facebook).  More Civics.

inno 1/64 honda civic idemitsu

Tough habit to break.  Retro Civic = Buy.  I saw a preorder for this on amiami & I had to give them a shot.  They also had Mugen version as well.  I settled for just plain white(w/decals) + Idemitsu(my fav).

inno64 mugen honda civic 1/64
amiami preorder page

inno 1/64 honda civic decals

inno 1/64 honda civic ef9

For maybe just over $20 a pop, they are not cheap.  I've never heard of INNO Models, but I hope they do well.  It looks like they recognize how successful Civic castings tend to be, but they also wanted to stand out from the rest little bit.  Yes, Civics again, but most collectors don't have Civics like these in their collection.  :)

I also saw this on amiami, but I wasn't feeling the sedan or the livery(just personal taste):

inno 1/64 honda civic eg9

inno 1/64 honda civic eg9

Looking good so far.

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