Thursday, September 21, 2017

My History with $uper Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels

"Treasure Hunt" cars are types of "chase" cars.  Chase cars are typically very rare versions of Hot Wheels, or other similar cars(Johnny Lightning, GreenLight, M2, etc.).  More on this some other time.

So Hot Wheels have these limited & rare cars referred to as "Treasure Hunts".  They also have REALLY rare chase cars called "Super Treasure Hunts".  Sometimes "$" sign is used in place of the "S".  $upers are really cool, because they are equipped with rubber tires called "Real Riders".

Back in the day, cards these hot wheels cars came on used to have green stripes.  Like this:

Top two are the older $uper TH's with green stripes on the cards.  Bugatti in the middle is just a mainline(worth about $20 for some reason).  Bottom two - Purple Falcon XB & red Chevelle are the $uper TH's after they switched to "secret" $uper TH's.  Their cards no longer featured the green stripe signifying a Treasure Hunt.  After this change, it seems little bit idiotic to me, but they kept the green stripes......  on regular cars(i.e. Non-TH's, mainlines).

Anywho, I'm not even posting about the history or background of chase cars & Treasure Hunt cars.  I got on today, because I found my latest $uper Treasure Hunt car, and since all of my notable findings are recorded on GTPlanet, my virtual hot wheels home base, I wanted to log all my $uper TH finds in  this one post.  This maybe bit boring, ,but it's this one collectors honest record of Super Treasure Hunts found in the wild(local stores, not eBay, etc.), so it might be bit interesting as well.  Here:

No.1 - 01/05/2013

This was my first $uper Treasure Hunt.  Just the picture of my post, because the photo  has been hijacked by son of a bitch image hosting site called Photobucket.  They are like online pirates, so avoid them at all cost! *rant over*  My very first $uper TH came from a membership only store called Bi-Mart & it was the gold Ford Falcon XB.  I already have the purple one, so it was flipped on eBay.

I "hunted" for close to a year, and this was the only $uper I ever found.  "Hunt" is slang term collectors uses to go drive around, store to store looking for cool hot wheels.  It's such a waste of time & gas(I wasn't good at "hunts" apparently) I quit making special trips like this soon after.

No.2 - 07/25/2014

I ran into my second $uper at Fred Meyers, while picking up sushi on a lunch break.  Already had one I bought on eBay, so I sold this on eBay. lol  Should have kept it.  Silverado $TH I believe rose quite a bit in value since then.  I think I got about $20 out of mine.

No.3 - 10/27/2015

So after not finding any for over two years, I find this gorgeous baby in the dump bin at Walmart I stopped by on the way home from work.  First $uper I kept in my collection.  So cool to actually run into a $uper you've been wanting.

No.4 - 08/24/2016

Wow.  It's like one $uper Treasure Hunt a year now.  Not bad, right?  Like noted on the tweet, I found this at Dollar Tree(a dollar store).  Again, on the way home.  Notice the pattern yet?  After I quit going on "hunts", I still check the stores nearby, but only while picking up lunch, grocery shopping, or picking up other things on way home, etc.  I'm actually finding more $upers this way, not spending any extra gas.  :D

 No.5 - 11/02/2016

Pretty nice going.  Unfortunately for the car, I had zero love for this one.  Unlike my last two $upers, this one went straight to eBay.  *My tweet is wrong.  Looks like second $TH of 2016, but third with in one year.

No.6 - 02/18/2017 

Gold NSX, second from the bottom.  Another keeper.  From Kmart on a K-Day.  Right on!

No.7 - 09/21/2017

Bummer.  I actually like this one, nobody else seems to.....  Except I already have one from TTP.  $15.50(shipped) for one with a bad card.  I might keep this one anyway for wheel/white tire - donor.  It's still cool to find a $uper, so I can't complain.  Second time I found a $uper I already bought online(#2, Silverado).

Anyway, thank for reading.  Nothing spectacular, but I hope it was mildly entertaining.  Not bad for collector who doesn't even hunt amirite.

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