Saturday, February 18, 2017

KDay: Kmart Hot Wheels Collector Days 2/18/17

hot wheels kday

hot wheels kday

I've participated in few of these in the past.  I'm sure some show up to mingle with other collectors, or they are just die hard/hardcore collectors who lives & breathes Hot Wheels.  Then there are collectors like myself, who are there just for the cars.  Fresh cars.  Back to freshness in a minute:

I hadn't attended these things in awhile.  There were couple of times when I showed up, because I wanted K-Day exclusive cars.  Like this beautiful blue Datsun 620 pickup truck.  Some go for a shot at $uper Treasure Hunts.  Well, I attended today solely for this:

hot wheels kday kmart

hot wheels k-day datsun bluebird 510

Free mail-in car: Datsun Bluebird 510, with the purchase of 20 Hot Wheels @ Kmart + $3.50 shipping & handling per Datsun(official rules, order form)

hot wheels mail-in datsun 510 kday

What's unbelievable is that there are sellers who's been taking preorder for this car long before the actual K-Day.  All of the one's I've seen are $60 & up.  Had they been $25 or so, I could've just slept in this morning, like I do religiously every Saturday. lol  At that kind of impossible pricing, it was a easy decision this Saturday to just go get one for myself, and while I was at it, I was going to buy 40 cars for two of these free Datsuns.  One to open, one to keep carded & stash away.  Anywho, back to the super fresh sealed cases:

hot wheels kday kmart

On a K-Day, most participants will get a chance at a sealed case.  An fresh case of Hot Wheels, still untouched.  This is a rare opportunity!  Most of us are used to tired old cars on beat up cards, hanging on pegs that 100 people went through before you, or dump bins that looks like Godzilla vs King Kong took place in it.  I want to say that in the five or so K-Day event I've attended, I've gotten a fresh case every single time.  First, you have to get a ticket.

hot wheels kday

They generally call you up by the last three digits.  My number was "771".  I was called up either in the second, or third round.  Lucky..... Wait.  Luckier:

hot wheels kday kmart

I read that $uper Treasure Hunt in these cases are the Acura NSXs, which I kinda wanted.  Not as much as I wanted the Falken Toyota truck you understand, but I still wanted one.  So, good!  Since I needed 40 cars to mail-in cards for 2 Datsuns, I thought I could just grab the whole case(36 cars), but no luck due to the five car limit at this Kmart.  I was forced to stick around for another hour for everybody else to get their turn, then enter a stage of the event called the free-for-all.  Free-for-all is where everybody rushes the remaining cars from the cases & stuff their box, basket, or whatever they got with hot wheels.  No, you don't kill everybody in the room(I'm sorry, CoD4 humor).

What the heck am I gonna do with 40 hot wheel cars I don't want?  Well, I'm going to uncard them first, so I can send the cards in for free Datsuns.  Then some will go to eBay, some will go to my nephews.  That jade Fairlady in the pic, that one ain't going nowhere though.  :D

kday kmart


  1. Thanks for explaining the process of the Treasure Hunt. Me not really being a How Wheels guy have been wondering what it's all about. That green Datsun is scandalous

    1. Super Treasure Hunt(w/rubber tires) can be found amongst any local $1 Hot Wheel cars, but they also happen to be super rare. I've found around four in last year or so probably, but that's insanely lucky for me. I feel like I could easily go couple of years without finding one. Thank you for commenting!