Friday, March 10, 2017

Matchbox Ford GT-40

matchbox ford gt-40

My new display model at work....  From my haul during lunch break:

matchbox boxes

I've been having tough time finding cool Matchbox models, but now the sole basic MBX I'm still on the lookout for is the Toyota Tacoma.  So far, the only real disappointment's been the Skyline.  I haven't opened the Impala wagon(red) or the Hudson police car, but they couldn't possibly top Hakosuka Skyline as the *UCoY...  Back to GT-40: 

matchbox ford gt-40 box

matchbox ford gt-40 green

matchbox ford gt40

Very nice, Matchbox.  Vintage cool.

matchbox ford gt-40 2017

*Ugliest Car of the Year

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  1. Cool sport car.