Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tarmac Works Honda Civic(EG6 Group A) Idemitsu Motion #100

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EG6 Group A Racing Idemitsu Motion #100


God, I wish I had this Tomicarama set back.  I sold mine when I got the Shell gas station set.  Back to the car:

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EG6 Group A Racing Idemitsu Motion #100

Tarmac Works Honda Civic

Tarmac Works  Civic

Front end definitely ruins its looks.  Its eyes are funny.  Car looks nice otherwise...

Tarmac Works Honda Civic

tarmac 1/64

This livery.......  *drool*

Tarmac Works 1/64

tomica limited vintage honda civic

tlv civic

1/64 Idemitsu Motion #100

tarmac works 1/64

Here's the link to the first one I posted(red).  I like Idemitsu the best so far.  I have a couple more from the same preorder.


  1. I really like your pictures. What kind of camera are you using? There looks like a few lights at work here too. I build model trains and cars and planes. With a pocket waterproof man of action camera most of my images are dull and grainy.

    1. Thank you. I'm using a cheap old camera called Canon SX130, and I use two cheap work lights(w/bulbs, maybe $15 ea.?). I've tried better lighting, also better cameras, but the pics came up worse than with my cheap camera, so I'm still using the same SX130 I've had for years now.

      I know nothing about photography, but the two keys here with the camera seems to be how much light it'll need, also how it'll do with macro shots.

      Thanks for commenting!