Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EG6(Group A Racing)

Tarmac Hobby64 Honda Civic EG6(Group A Racing)

Took me a loooong time to get this one & it took pretty long time for me to post it, but here it is.  One of the four Tarmac Civics I preordered last summer.  Not really familiar with Tarmac brand, but for cars coming in at $21.38 from China(shipped), it's not cheap, it's not great, but kind of "meh".

Tarmac civic

Tarmac works Honda Civic EG6

Packaging is nice.  Box it comes in is kinda fun with shipping container artwork on the flap, and the plastic base is very tasteful.  Clear cover pops on/off very neatly.  Not one of those display case covers you have to wrestle with to pop back on.  The car:

tlv civic

tarmac honda civic

tomica limited vintage honda civic

tarmac honda civic spoon

Rear wheel's doing that weird thing, like they looked tucked in.  Wheels seems large & off-set seems off.  Maybe the real car's that way, I don't know, but I think it takes quite a bit away from the overall looks of the car.

hot wheels honda civic

I thought they did alright on the casting, but really, maybe average at best?  For cars in the $20+ range, you'd like to see little bit better than that.  There is no confusing these Civics for the TLV Civics.  If Tarmac did these Civics using TLV Civic castings, that would've been amazing.

tomica limited vintage honda civic


tarmac civic 1/64

Overall, no major gripe, but it's not exactly a $10 car either.  I'd like something little more refined from a car in the $20 range.  At least the parts quality wasn't horrible & build quality seems excellent.  Casting mold could be better.  I'm very interested in what they do with their next model.  Somebody showed me  which car too, but I forget.  I think it was maybe Lancer Evo.

Again, I have four of these Civics & the next one on here will be my favorite: The Idemitsu Civic.