Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hot Wheels REPU(Rotary Engined Pickup)

Hot Wheels REPU

I was about to do a post on the Mazda REPU when I remembered seeing this picture.  That's a stock tailgate(how awesome is that? lol).  Truck belonged to the man who's been providing this blog with lot of cool stuff lately:  GroupB(some featured here)

With this latest JDM gem from the Hot Wheels circulating around the world, I'm betting he's missing that little red truck right about now.....  Let us check out the 1/64 version:

Hot Wheels REPU

Hot Wheels REPU mazda pickup

Hot Wheels REPU

Hot Wheels REPU mazda truck

Hot Wheels REPU mazda

This is a play on Wu Tang Clan, right?  Wu Tang's the best!  Clan in da front, let your feet stomp, niggas on the left, brag shit to death, hoods on the right, we are out for the night.... I don't remember the rest, but yeah, they are the best.

Hot Wheels REPU

Something I wasn't expecting.  This thing is a beast on tracks.  Both downhill & loop tracks.  My nephews were impressed!

Hot Wheels REPU

hot wheels loop track

hot wheels solid muscle

Got these interesting castings same time I bought couple of REPUs.  They are called Solid Muscle, apparently simultaneously released in the very cool satin blue & red.....  REPU smoked them both!!

hot wheels target track

hot wheels mazda

Usually, real life vehicle castings sucks on race tracks.  REPU can do it all.  :D

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