Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mazda 787B: Kyosho versus Tomica Limited Vintage

tomica limited vintage 787b

I find this to be a somewhat interesting comparison.  In a way, each models are impossible to judge by comparing it to the other.  While they are both higher-end 1/64 scale diecast models of the Le Mans winner Mazda 787B, Kyosho came out of a blind box costing about $5(you didn't know which model was in the box) & the TLV came out of a box with.....  suggested retail price of over $70.  

You can see my casual review of the TLV version here & I also posted an article on its quality control woes here.  Sadly, general consensus of the TLVs in my circle has been somewhere between it's "okay" to what-a-joke.  They priced it too high, almost none of the one's we've received had straight rear wings, and details were underwhelming considering the price point.  Not one person I know on GTPlanet, or Twitter announced how this car blew their minds, and that really says it all.  So many people I know bought it & for $70, we all should've been pretty damn impressed with it.  

Anywho, here are the side-by-side.  Looks like TLV on the left, Kyosho on the right:

tomica limited vintage mazda 787b

tlv  mazda 787b

tomica limited vintage le mans

1/64 mazda 787b

1/64 le mans

tomica 787b

It's kind of all over the place from here, but you can tell the difference between Kyosho & TLV by how TLV has the small line/gap created by the removable cowls, also has the decals recreated on the roof, which are absent on the roof of the Kyosho.  Kyosho has more defined front wheels covers + metal strip at the back of rear wing not present on the TLV.

tomica   mazda 787b

kyosho 787b

tomica limited vintage mazda 787b

mazda 787b

tomica mazda 787b

mazdaspeed 787b

tlv mazda 787b

Enters the black/test/stealth whatever this 787B is.  It's supposedly a Karuwaza exclusive(no idea who they are, probably Japanese retailer).  I believe this one was $30 shipped, eBay.

karuwaza kyosho 787b

I know I put the "versus" in the title, but is there a winner here?  I think "you" decide the winner.  Tomica Limited Vintage is certainly more impressive with the removable cowls, and overall better detailing with higher quality parts..... TLV casting looks sharper.  But seriously, this Kyosho.  It's from a $5 blind box.  I got it on eBay for $24, shipped.  

For me, bottom line, TLV price is just too high.  I paid $57(shipped), and for that, TLV was a "meh"....  Pretty good I guess?  I generally don't care for opening hoods/doors, considers them unnecessary gimmick, so maybe I am showing little bias here.  Kyosho, for $5 or $24, it's perfect to my eyes. 

tomica limited vintage mazda 787b

TLV 787B was the first car I graded.  Just added grading for the Kyosho as well.  It would be cool if you check it out, even if you don't agree.  XD

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