Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photobucket: Image Hosting Site turned Hostage Taker

I am so sorry.  If you are trying to reach my older posts, instead of Hot Wheels & Tomicas, you may see this:

photobucket extortion

Some of you may already know.  Photobucket used to be a free image hosting site back in the day.  Today, they are hostage takers of the  images stored on their site.  Pay $399.99 for the year to restore image links.  If I can't afford that, for $59.99(one year plan), Photobucket would generously allow me to actually see my photos....  Because right now, this is what I get to see instead of my pictures:

photobucket hijack hostage kidnap

I will not be paying any ransom, so many of the images from posts dated around & before 2015 may not appear on this blog.  I have been repairing some of these posts, and my goal is to eventually find all original images & upload them as soon as possible.  

As you can tell from the tone of this post, this isn't just a heads up on some blog posts missing images, but it is a warning to stay away from Photobucket.  When doing business, I think most of us can agree on the importance of customer service.  With the way Photobucket has decided to handle this move from a free service to a pay service, I think their true color is on full display.  If they can make a buck, they want to screw you.  

I was just on their website.  Here comes popups after more popups.  I shit you not:  Their popup had another popup pop up over it.  Christ, Photobucket.  Give it a rest!  *rolleyes*

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