Saturday, August 5, 2017

M2 vs TLV Nissan Bluebird: M2 Walmart Exclusive Auto-japan 1969 Nissan Bluebird 1600 SSS Sequel

tomica limited vintage nissan bluebird rally

Earlier this evening, I was snapping away pics of the new M2 Nissan Bluebird to do this post.  I then realize how small this new casting is compared to typical M2 castings.  M2 cars are usually little big for 1/64.  

I quickly grabbed one of the Tomica Limited Vintage Bluebird castings & what I saw was unbelievable:

m2 nissan bluebird rally car

I suspected it, but didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.  They are nearly identical in scale!  Never thought I'd see the day:  TLV versus M2!!

m2 nissan bluebird japan

m2 auto japan rally

m2 datsun 510 rally

tomica limited vintage nissan bluebird

m2 auto-japan

m2 datsun 510 red

tomica limited vintage datsun 510 nissan bluebird

Really liking the effort by M2 here.  I'm sure these things are selling for $6(M2 normally do, I paid $14-ish on eBay), and the model is remarkable for that.  My hat is off to M2.

tomica limited vintage nissan bluebird rally

tomica limited vintage nissan bluebird 5000km

m2 nissan bluebird walmart

Bonus Stage:

hot wheels datsun bluebird 510 track day

Any self-respecting collector would recognize the big bastard on the left.  It's the Hot Wheels Track Day  510/Bluebird.

hot wheels track day datsun bluebird 510

Love all three to be honest.


  1. Nice comparison! Now that TLV 510 are on their way, it will be cool to possibly see them parked together at the Shell station.

    1. Actually, the very first post of this blog featured the TLV 510:

      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Hello, greetings from Indonesia. :D

    I'm curious, how does it compare with Tomica Limited TL0138 Nissan Bluebird SSS Coupe?

    Do you have it?

    Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it. :D

    1. I'm sorry, I've only seen the TL version in pictures online. If the level of TL0138 is consistent with other TL's I have, I think the quality would be somewhat close overall? Tomica generally has very precise & clean detailing, where M2 can be messy to say the least.

      However, M2 Bluebird/510 casting might be way more accurate in form & scale. M2 also should be more detailed, but just really rough compared to comparable Tomica Limited cars.

      Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it!

    2. Thank you for the fast response! ^^

      Well, the cons of Tomica is their scale often inconsistent. I, too, only see this TL in online shop, and I dont know yet for sure the form and the scale. :D

    3. I believe you are right about the scale. If I recall correctly, most of the TL castings were based on existing mainline Tomica castings, so like with the Hot Wheels, they just tried to keep the size of the castings similar, but didn't worry much about hitting the 1/64 scale consistently. One of the reasons why I never really collected TL's, but am a big fan of the TLVs. :D