Monday, July 10, 2017

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO LV-N152a '98 Nissan Skyline GT-R Autech Version Patrol Car(Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department)

Wait.  What are those things in the baggy....

No.  I am not doing this again.  Posting this car just plain:

According to Tomytec, this patrol car is based on the 40th anniversary Skyline, the 4-door Skyline GT-R from the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show.  Only 422 were known to have been made, I doubt many of them became police cars.  

Also interesting note from the Tomytec page: Brake discs/rotors will not turn with the wheels.  I don't really care, personally.

OMG, them wheels.  Just night & day difference from the typical super cheap wheels TLVs often comes equipped with.

I think this car came out really good.  Especially without the glitter TLV paint they used on the silver Autech.  I like it so much, I borrowed my buddy Jarrod's pics from his 4-door GT-R patrol car.  His pics looks SO good.

Beautiful casting.  Exceptional finish for 1/64 scale.

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