Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spark - Porsche 956 No.1 Winner Le Mans 1982 J. Ickx - D. Bell

Spark  Porsche 956

Last couple of months, I've had missing mail, even missing packages(and I have a P.O. Box!).  Month of July isn't starting off great either.  I've had bunch of stuff damaged, thankfully mostly just cases on the outside, with cars surviving unscathed.  One exception was this Porsche.  Pieces from busted up display did result in one noticeable scratch on the car.  I'm not a fan of the USPS right now.  I even made this tweet as a joke:

Just in case you are too young to get the "Gone in 60 Seconds" reference(rolleyes), this is the scene:

Anywho, pics:

Spark  Porsche 956 No.1 Winner Le Mans rothmans

Spark  Porsche 956 No.1 Winner Le Mans

Spark  Porsche 956 no.1 Winner Le Mans rothmans 1/64

Spark  Porsche 1/64

Spark  rothmans Porsche 956

hot wheels  Porsche 956

kyosho Porsche 956 No.1 Winner Le Mans

hot wheels  Porsche le mans

Spark  Porsche   Le Mans

Jason from GTPlanet gave us a heads up on this.  Very cool base attachment design used by Spark.  Screws, and plastic adapter pieces suck real bad amirite.  Check out the link, he has way better pictures on this.  Too bad mine was totally ruined by U.S. Mail.  *tear*

Spark  Porsche 956 No.1 Winner Le Mans

Spark went ahead without licensing to use Rothmans name($$$? Tobacco?).  I feel like it could've been a pretty special release with their name on the car.  Still very cool release, and has decent detailing.  I think the quality's almost comparable to Kyosho models.

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