Monday, May 15, 2017

Tomica Limited Vintage - Honda Civic Complete Lineup

tomica limited vintage civic

I've always liked this Civic shot.  Civic-Madness.  I liked it so much, I decided to post the outtake shots. All eight of the standard release TLV Civics are featured in these shots.

tomica limited vintage civic

Took these shots when I was blogging the yellow one.

tomica limited vintage honda civic

tlv honda civic

Links to individual posts:

LV-N48d - White

LV-N65b - Dark Blue

It's kinda sad, because while I got all TLV Civics featured here on one page, I've yet to do post on the white & dark blue one.  They were my first Civics, actually pre-ordered.  Back in September of 2015, $14 a piece + shipping.  I was kinda scared to pay that back then.  I was still fairly new to TLVs.  Now, those prices seems like a bargain.  Crazy.

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