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幻の5周年キャンペーン仕様トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ - Red Chrome Nissan Junior Pumper(Fire Engine)

幻のTLV Red Chrome Nissan Junior Pump

Just couple days ago, we had one very rare treat on this blog, when GroupB from GTPlanet shared with us the super rare TLV Nissan Wrecker done up in green chrome.  Only a hundred given away as prizes during the 5-Year commemoration of the TLV brand are known to exist.  I'm sure it feels pretty good to have such a jewel in the collection, but GB wasn't done yet.  Here comes the Part II!

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ グロリア メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

Left is the box the green chrome wrecker came in, red chrome Junior from the box on the right.

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

Letter is fairly similar to the first one, so I'll skip the translation this time.  Special keychain(400~450 made, more on this later) is black this time.  I like it.

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

Two keychains that came with the cars.  Brown with the wrecker, black with the pumper.  Keychains alone are rare enough, it would be impossible to determine the going rate when you live on this side of the Pacific Ocean.  We just know that they go for a lot!

First two periods of the 5-Year Anniversary contest:

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

100 A Prizes(green wrecker + brown keychain), 100 B Prizes(brown keychain)

100 A Prizes(blue truck + brown keychain), 100 B Prizes(brown keychain)

The second:

chrome tomica limited vintage

100 A Prizes(red chrome fire engine + black keychain), 100 B Prizes(black keychain)
100 A Prizes(*brown chrome Gloria sedan + black keychain), 100 B Prizes(black keychain)

*It looks like black, or silver(like Cedric below) & it's not noted on the insert, but according to research, it seems the Gloria was a brown chrome.

 2012(400 Variations Commemoration Campaign):

chrome tomica limited vintage

25 Gold Prizes w/gold chrome Nissan Cedric + black keychains, 25 Silver with silver chrome Cedric & black keychains.  50 Bronze Prize winner received just brown keychains.  These keychains seems to be same design as the 2009 5-year anniversary ones.

Black keychains these Nissan Juniors came with:

5-year anniversary tomica limited vintage

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

Finally, the main attraction:

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

"Tokyo Fire Department"

tomica limited vintage 5 year anniversary chrome

chrome nissan junior tomica limited vintage fire

トミカリミテッドヴィンテージ  メッキ 5周年キャンペーン仕様 非売品

tlv 5 year red chrome nissan junior pump fire

I love how the wrecker & the pump appeal to me in such a unique ways.  They are both the chrome prize cars, but the green one, that one is just crazy & wild.  It gives off that art object vibe.  The red chrome, the color is actually correct for the (Japanese)fire engines.  But the chrome finish makes the casting stand out more, and I think Tomytec picked a good casting to apply such a finish on.  Very highly & neatly detailed little truck.  

Again, very special "thank you" to GroupB for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.  Most collectors have never even seen such a clean, detailed photos of these "prize" cars.  I'd wager that half the TLV collectors aren't even aware that these things exist.  I had a blast blogging these ultimate TLVs!!

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