Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hot Wheels Boulevard Porsche 993 GT2.... and other stuff in the storage case.

hot wheels racing canada

In this little storage case, I have my premium Hot Wheels from few years ago.  They consist almost completely of  "Garage", "Boulevard" & "Vintage Racing" cars.  I got inside this thing today after reading the tampo discussion on this yellow Porsche from the Boulevard series.  One of the collectors on GTPlanet bought his, but unfortunately, tampo(s) were not exactly great.  I decided to check mine out:

hot wheels boulevard porsche yellow gt2 993

hot wheels boulevard porsche yellow gt2 993

hot wheels boulevard porsche yellow bird

I'd say pretty decent?  I also have a loose one, but I'm not about to look through couple hundred cars to find it right now...... wait.  Hey! I see more cool cars in here.  Let's make a blog post out of all the cool carded cars in this case.  :D

hot wheels boulevard  jdm

- Vintage Racing -

hot wheels vintage racing

One of my favorite series.  I do have the BRE 510, but it's loose.  It was so worth uncarding it, but I do wish I had saved the card.  :(

hot wheels vintage racing

hot wheels vintage racing collection

- Delivery + Garage Series -

hot wheels delivery series

Above are all internet buys.  Gasser below was found at local grocery store.  I think it's worth $20, $30 now.  Good deal.

hot wheels mercury cyclone comet garage

- Hot Wheels Racing(2012 ROADRCR) - 

hot wheels 2012 roadrcr canada

Canada market only.  There might've been one more country that got these cars, but I don't remember for sure.  Mattel royally screwed the American collectors on this one.  This set came from eBay.  Below are the couple of the coolest Hot Wheels of this era.  XD

hot wheels bmw corvette canada

- Boulevard -

hot wheels boulevard series

Finally the Boulevard series.  I have handful loose, but this is all of my carded Boulevard cars.  One of my favorite Hot Wheels Series for sho.

hot wheels boulevard series

hot wheels boulevard series

Saved the JDM for last.  The End.

hot wheels boulevard jdm

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