Saturday, October 7, 2017

Just for fun - Hakosuka Battle? F-Toys vs. Taccar vs. M2

I love side-by-side comparisons.  A side-by-side-by-side?  Even better.

Start from the left:  F-Toys, Taccar/Targa, then M2.  Three Hakosuka castings, but two virtual unknown brands from Japan & one brand rarely seen outside the U.S.  :D

f-toys targa taccar m2 nissan skyline hakosuka

F-Toys is known for plastic body, but I think it's blowing away the competition on the front-end....  Looks really good.

  m2 nissan skyline hakosuka

I'm pretty sure you have to install the side mirrors yourself on the F-Toys, so M2 gets some points here for preinstalled mirrors.  

  m2 nissan skyline hakosuka

Detailing under the hood on the F-Toys & Taccar's unbelievable.  M2.....  lol

I pride myself on collecting little bit of everything 1/64, but I don't own any Targa/Taccar yet.  One of these days!

This post was brought to you courtesy of collector I befriended on Twitter, F60:

You can check out his interesting tweets here.  Thank you F60-san!!

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