Tuesday, February 13, 2018

OMG It's So Bad: GreenLight Datsun 510

greenlight datsun 510

greenlight datsun 510 bre

These pictures looked so enticing, I ended up preordering the Black Bandit version + the complete set of Tokyo Torque Series 2.  I was teased by other collectors little bit for these preorders, because of those ridiculous fugly looking 240Zs GreenLight came out with earlier.  Like these:

greenlight datsun  240z fairlady
No big deal.  Quite possibly the ugliest toy 240Z I have ever seen.  At least it would be good for off-roading amirite.  In fact, it was so ****ing ugly I was pretty confident that GreenLight would not make the same mistake with the 510.  No, sir.  Look at the Tomicas, look at the Hot Wheels.  Even the new comer to JDM, M2.  M2 Machines Datsun 510, maybe little rough around the edges, but man, they even got the scale right:

greenlight datsun 510
M2(left) & TLV(right)

Yeah, in my opinion, M2 casting looks pretty sharp for $5.99.  :)  Tomica Limited Vintage(TLV), yeah, pretty expensive, but it's one of the finest examples of 1/64 diecast I could find.  Just amazing stuff.  Hot Wheels, I believe theirs were designed by their superstar Jun Imai & they are frigging gorgeous.  Perhaps the biggest reason why I got hooked into this hobby back in 2010-ish.

greenlight datsun 510

Without further adieu, here's the Datsun 510 by GreenLight:

greenlight datsun 510

greenlight datsun 510 bluebird

greenlight datsun 510 bre brock
Granted, not as bad as their 240Zs.  Not saying much.  I can rant for another page & a half about it, but I'll just leave it at this. I'm no expert, but GreenLight is really showing their limitations when it comes to realistic/accurate castings.  I don't know if it's the design, or the manufacturing, or both.  These cars look like they were totaled & repaired by a cut rate body shop.  

Maybe this just means that castings like M2 Machines 510 were just that much remarkable of an accomplishment.  I'm still shaking my head at these GreenLight Datsun 510s though.  It's so bad.  *gag*

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