Monday, December 4, 2017

ignition model.... is coming, too!?

ignition model announces 1/64 scale cars models

Just few days ago, we found out that TSM is entering the 1/64 market.  Another quality high-end competition, we'd welcome it.  Right now, Tomica Limited Vintage is obscenely overpriced, quality control of GreenLight is laughable, Kyosho production has slowed the way down, etc.  We need more competition in the market, at least in my opinion.

Today, it was Andy(Epic Collage) who gave us a heads up on GTPlanet.  It's the ignition model this time.  Mind.  Blown.

Tarmac Works has been working with GreenLight little bit, still an up & comer.  I'm not sure who CarLoverDiecast or TK. company are.  Maybe a diecast dealer/distributor?

ignition model announces 1/64 scale cars models

I stick strictly to 1/64 scale.  One thing that makes this hard is this company & their models.  When you see a diecast, while they are beautiful, there's usually something that you catch & makes you think "it looks almost as good as the real car."

For me, while I've only seen the pics, their cars gives me the illusion of "....real life car couldn't possibly look this good."  lol  Maybe they just have skilled photographers, or maybe they are really talented diecast makers.  

Here are screenshots from their website.  I think you'll see what I mean(not 1/64!):

ignition model announces 1/64 scale diecast

ignition model entering 1/64 scale diecast models

I am a big fan of Tomica Limited Vintage, but one thing I really desired of them & never seem to receive is the modified "custom" cars.  ignition model catalog is full of super tastefully done up custom JDM cars.  I am drooling over here.  Their cars couldn't come soon enough!  XD

ignition model 1/64

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