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Updated 07/06/2018: ignition model 1/64 announcement on facebook live


Latest Update: 07/06/2018

My order has arrived.

Updated: 06/15/2018
Well, as expected, at 999 pieces per color, these first wave of Pandem GT-Rs are selling out at a CRAZY rate. still have the white GT-Rs, by the way.

ig ignition model 1/64 pandem gt-r

 I was going to pick up the gun metal gray one they initially had for sale, then changed my mind when the shipping to the U.S. was whopping $30.  Yikes.

Then I saw dabox in Hong Kong get them, I was going to buy one.  Online checkout process had repetitive steps & I had a chuckle when the car sold out when I was finally a click away or so from completing the transaction(this was also gun metal gray).

Tarmac Works have their own web store, so I've been keeping their page open on the tab, checking it through out the day.....  BAM:

ignition model pandem gt-r 1/64

I initially added all four cars on the left.  I was kinda burned out on the Civic & I'm still trying to get out of the hobby, so I took the Civic out of the cart & it looked like this:

ignition model pandem gt-r sold out 1/64

My grand total with shipping for three cars were $88.20(USD).  I get on the hot wheels thread of the GTPlanet immediately to give heads up to my peeps.  I get back on Tarmac website to check something, gun metal gray GT-R's already sold out. Within minutes from me completing my order, all three cars I ordered were sold out.

ignition model pandem gt-r sold out 1/64

It's kinda nuts amirite.  Civic is now sold out, too.  Wow.  Let this be a lesson, guys.  If you see one for sale, literally, don't even hesitate if you want one!

Updated: 04/26/2018

ignition model 1/64 tarmac works

Please check out ignition model Facebook page for the latest information.  I apologize for not keeping up with the latest, as I am no longer actively collecting minicars.  Here is the latest post I just saw on Facebook:

From their partner Tarmac Works Facebook page:

ignition model 1/64 pandem nissan gt-r r35

Blue I believe is the Tarmac Works exclusive.

ignition model 1/64 pandem tarmac works

ignition model  tarmac works exclusive

ignition model 1/64 pandem nissan gt-r r35

ignition model 1/64

ignition model 1/64 pandem nissan gt-r r35

TLV R35's were the best by a long shot to my eyes.  I think there's a good chance they'll be surpassed by these.  They look incredible for the scale.

Update: 01/02/2018

From their blog: "さて、年明け一発目は開発中の「1/64 ダイキャストモデル」の試作品です。現在は主に海外マーケット向けの企画ですが、以降


Rough translation(sorry, little drowsy):  "First item of the new year is the 1/64 diecast model prototype.  While they are currently aimed at the overseas market, we do plan on expanding the genre from vintage cars to modern sports cars.  The timing & the pricing has yet to finalize, but we will release more info as things come along."

From their Facebook page:  "IG 1/64 Rocket Bunny / PANDEM collection
The first prototype samples of PANDEM R35 GT-R and TOYOTA 86 V3 are now ready.
Some more improvements are to be added so this IG first 1/64 collection will bring you a brand new quality standard in your collection.
Anymore news will be posted here. Stay tuned!"
ignition model 1/64

ignition model 1/64

ig model 1/64

ignition model 1/64

I'm not gonna lie, I was bit surprised by their comment from the blog(in Japanese, in quotation above).  In the previous statement, they sounded like they were comfortable with the dates & prices they had announced then.  $24 & around May.  I guess we will stay tuned.  :D

tarmac works ignition model 1/64

So finally last night, ignition model revealed their plan for 1/64 market on facebook live.  First thing first:  Thank god they don't record audio for living.  If you've seen the video, you'll understand.  j/k

I could barely make out what they were saying, but one thing that made me nervous was how limited their initial selections are, and how limited their production number will be.  

It was a mixed bag for me overall, but first the good news: Tarmac Works is handling the marketing, distribution side & not the manufacturing.  ignition model is producing the cars.  No disrespect to Tarmac Works.  They are very exciting up & comers, I like where they are going, I just don't think they are quite close to being there yet.

ignition model join tarmac works to produce 1/64 diecast

I've drooled over the pictures of  1/18 & 1/43 scale ignition models for sometime.  Amazing style & detail.  If you love JDM, I don't think it's possible not to fall in love with their diecast cars.  As the blog title suggests, I stick with 1/64 cars, but had I collected 1/18 scale, I can guarantee you that most of  my fleet would be ignition model.  Anywho, back on topic.

Audio was poor, so feel free to correct me on any of these, but what I heard from the video: 

They are initially releasing two models.  Rocket Bunny version Toyota 86 & Nissan GT-R(R35).

I know nothing about Rocket Bunny.  Some Google results:

Toyota 86

tarmac works ignition model to produce 1/64 rocket bunny
From GReddy

tarmac works ignition model to make 1/64 toyota 86

Nissan GT-R(R35)

tarmac works ignition model to produce 1/64 rocket bunny
From GReddy

tarmac works ignition model to produce 1/64 r35 nissan gt-r
From Number7

Projected MSRP is $24.  

GT-R is set to be released in May, and there will be at least 5 different versions.  There will only be 999 pieces of each version(this part drives me nuts).  They also mention two "exclusive versions", but I could not make out if these two exclusives are in addition to the 5 existing versions or not?  Also not sure about how many of these exclusives will be produced(also 999 pcs?  Don't know).  Sorry. 

 Models they are holding in the video are just the 3D samples, so I was kinda surprised to see them announce May release, but it's not like I know anything about R&D or manufacturing.  lol  In closing, do I not only hope to see some great 1/64 cars from IG(ignition model), I'm hoping this makes Tarmac Works better as well.  Tarmac dude in the video was visibly excited with the IG 1/64 samples & mentioned that his team were also "really, really excited."  I hope Tarmac Works & IG give their 1/64 competitors a run for their money in 2018!

Edit:  I totally forgot to add this.  Tarmac Works cars are hard to get a hold of in the U.S., and they are handling the distribution of the new 1/64 IG cars.  Tarmac may have connections in Asia, but us in the States will need help with the distribution.  My go-to for brand new Japanese diecast is amiami.  I'm crossing my fingers that they will be available through this venue, but I suspect that main channel for these models online would be dabox in Hong Kong.  I hope to hear more details on this soon!


ignition model 1/64


  1. Replies
    1. I totally hear you brother. In the video, they mention how both gentlemen interact with customers for feedback. If I had their ear(s), two models I would NEVER ask for might have been the Toyota 86/Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ & Nissan R35 GT-R.

      I was really hoping for lowered vintage Toyotas & Nissans. Well, I guess they got the Toyota & Nissan part right. :(

    2. I'd imagine they're only going for safe things they are confident will have a demand, since this is new territory they're getting into. I recall them mentioning they're open for suggestions on what models to make, and honestly they should, because I don't forsee DR30 and 4-dr Hakosukas selling like crazy.

      You can start by referencing what they're already made in the past:

    3. I suppose you are right. While I'd totally back their decision to go after classics like that, while JDM is hot right now in 1/64, castings like R35 are done to death for a reason. Still, something like this drives me mad!!!!

  2. While I understand the annoyance of yet another Nissan GT-R, I for one, am actually quite excited for it. Because it’s a modified, aftermarket version of the GT-R, which is different from anything anyone else is producing. And I remember Tarmac mentioning that these are the first ever widebody 1/64 cars in the market. So, I think it’s a bit unfair to say they’re being redundant. Plus, I love the thought of having my stock GT-R, sitting beside my GT3 GT-R and a widebody GT-R.

    1. Well, it doesn't change my mind, but from your perspective, I would totally agree with your points. From our side, it's another GT-R, but from your point of view, it's a GT-R, but a different one.

      Bottom line, IG is a very interesting entry into the 1/64 market. I'm sure we are all pleased to see them finally arrive. :)

  3. There are some top notch 1/64 diecast Customizers out there like @masonog @murderedoutcustom who already make these wide body "rocketbunny" style cars. They hand make/paint them! Truly works of art! You should check them out. Prob be easier to get a hold of a piece from them if you're in the US then from IG.

    1. Very cool, thanks for the info. That "@" mark. Are they on Twitter, or Instagram? Thanks again! :)