Friday, April 28, 2017

A long time ago, in a Kmart far, far away.....

It was September of 2012.  I was in a Kmart out of town, checking out their Hot Wheels when I ran into this:

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

Newer collectors might see this & go "Wow.  Four ugly cars on ugly cards.  Good for you, dude...."  Apparently, in 2012, Treasure Hunts still came with green stripes.  

Okay, they aren't "$uper Treasure Hunt", but still, it's kinda bizarre to see four Treasure Hunt on same pegs.  Why did I just spend 10 minutes looking for the date when this happened & the picture of the cars?  Because it happened again today:

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt

This time, in a Walmart dump bin.  Maybe there were more.  I didn't go thru half the cars in there.

Hot Wheels Hidden Treasure Hunt

Okay, again, they aren't the $upers, but five of them this time.  lol  I didn't take one, because I had already found one few weeks ago(probably same store).  It's actually a really cool casting.  Thinking back, I wish I had picked up another one, so I can keep one & give one to one of my nephews.  Too late!  :D

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