Thursday, January 25, 2018

You've Got Mail!

tarmac works bmw m3

I received so many cars in the mail yesterday & today.  Not even including the two beautiful custom cars my local post office misplaced in their building(typical USPS).  Anywho, here's what I got today:

tarmac works bmw

1950 Oldsmobile 88 police car by M2 Machines + Tarmac Works BMW M3 E30s.  M2 came from eBay for $9.99 shipped & bimmers came straight from Tarmac Works for $47.90, shipped.  Spendy, but they look pretty good!

matchbox flexies erasers

This one I got off eBay($15, shipped).  It reminded me of these Japanese supercar erasers(スーパーカー消しゴム) we used to be into as kids back in the 80's.  Check out the first pic again.  These things are huge. lol  Matchbox branding's cool though.  As much as I'd like to open it, card on this is too cool, so these little cars are staying sealed.

スーパーカー消しゴム supercar erasers

matchbox erasers flexies

Here's what I received yesterday:

jdm hot wheels japan

Complete set of Hot Wheels Japan Historics 2(right), from TTP.  In the middle, two JDM Hot Wheels + Firebird, from one of the best sellers on TTP.  On the left are the all four variations of Bentleys by Spark + older TLVs that came available on amiami again for some reason.  $74 for those 5, shipped.

Again, it's unfortunate that two coolest cars still sits at my local post office.  USPS has been really disappointing me on a regular basis lately.  When they aren't breaking my stuff, they seem to be losing lot of them.  Lost items usually gets found, but many days, if not weeks later.  

Sorry for yet another lazy post!  :(


  1. Looking forward to your showcasing both Tarmac BMWs. I'm 50/50 on whether to order the plain white and Jag E30s.

    1. Here's a link to the one my buddy Paul featured on his blog:

      I wasn't interested in these at first(oversized wheels/tires), but overall quality for the price-point reeled me in. And BMW. :D

    2. Thanks for the link!

      Looking at the pics, the car just looks... cheap? The front/rear plastic lights and tampos look terrible.

    3. I wasn't sure about the headlights either, and tampo/decals do needs work on lot of Tarmac Works releases. Cars looked fine sealed in cases, but I may have to take a closer look afterall. Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Have to admit, but had problems in the pat also w/the USPS. How can you mess up a simple delivery if the address is legible?
    Those Japan Historics 2 rides are awesome.. found some finally!

    1. You are lucky! Im my area, they are impossible to find. First Japan Historics, I found exactly one, and I think it had messed up tampo or something, I passed.

      On the latest, I found two Rx-3s, but I didn't want a duplicate when I ended up having to buy the whole set online, so I passed on them too. :(

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