Saturday, January 13, 2018

This Week: Small Scale Hunt

matchbox amg 6x6 box

Couple of Matchbox AMG 6x6 for me, boat-car thing for my nephew.  Hot Wheels Civic(finally) & McLaren are also for me.  I wasn't planning on McLaren from the Cars & Donuts series, I even actually passed on this more than once, but I noticed this time it had one of my favorite styled/colored wheels.  $4.99 was bit high at Kroger, but I ended up getting it.  For future wheel swap project, if I ever actually do it.

Hot Wheels "Hunt" just isn't worth it to me.  All the gas & time you waste going around from stores to stores, I wasn't good at it anyways.  I now look for hot wheels when I'm shopping around, or getting something from deli department at stores during lunch, etc.

A handful of times a year, I do break the rule.  This time, just picked up a new(to me) car, so I wanted to get some behind-the-wheel time.  Friday night, I drove around & found the cars above, then this thing:

matchbox speed trapper

In case you are not familiar with them: In the U.S., police leave these things on the side of the road to warn speeding drivers.  These machines don't issue speeding tickets or anything, but everybody slows down.  

I get giddy when I see something like this.  lol  I couldn't believe it.  I wish they made it bit smaller to keep with accurate 1/64 scale, but it's so cool.  lol

After Krogers, this is what I found at Walmart:

matchbox ford svt raptor

It's the camouflage series Matchbox Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

- Next Day -

Saturday.  At it again.  First, Toys R Us:

greenlight national lampoon christmas vacation rv camper dirty mud

My buddy Jarrod would have probably bought this one if he was here.  Speaking of Jarrod, both of us are fans of the Walking Dead.  

the walking dead toy rv dale

I always tell him.  Had they included Dale(owner of the RV) + his hunting rifle, although I already have this GL Walking Dead RV, I'd buy it again.  Lawn chair's a nice touch, but no Dale, no rifle, no dice.

I've been interested in this one.  Even the finish was bit better than expected.  I still didn't buy it.  Why?  I bought the two trucks below it instead:

greenlight ramp truck stp

greenlight shell truck

Quality's pretty impressive.  $15 may seem like a lot, but if this was TLV, they'd likely gouge you for what?  Maybe $50, $60 anymore?  I'm just sorry I couldn't also get the cool dump truck they had out there.  Also picked up these mainlines at TRU:

hot wheels jdm

This Z's one of the best I've seen.  I didn't like the first blue one?  This one looks so much better with the black steel rims.  First time I've see these casting on the pegs.  I already have the RX-7 from TTP, so this one goes to one of my nephews & so does the plane ride thing.

I was going to hit the Walmart out of town next, as I needed some supplies anyway, but there was a Target store on the way I had forgotten about.  FINALLY found the Honda City.  If you are from Japan, you appreciate this casting.  Old City's are so awesome.  Still can't believe Hot Wheels greenlighted it, but props to them.  Also been wanting the ice cream truck, except this one is "sushi".  While scary as real life concept, "sushi truck" makes for cool toy truck.  :)

hot wheels hunt

I hit the Walmart after this.  Nothing good at all.  The end!

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